The 2012 batch is out

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but I just picked up some Stagg in Frankfort yesterday.  Good as ever. For all who don’t know, I am the Great-Great Grandson of George T Stagg.  I have bottles of the original Stagg whiskey from decades ago, long before Buffalo Trace, Schenley, or anyone else got their fingers involved. Most of it evaporated due to the style of cap.  I am storing these bottles very carefully so that doesn’t happen.  I have unopened bottles all the way back to the beginning when my Grandfather was inducted in the Bourbon Hall of fame in 2002.  I also have the copper still emblazoned with his name they gave my mother at the ceremony.  I’ll put a picture up soon.

I have been collecting Stagg memorabilia for a long time and I have more Stagg stuff that even the distillery has in their Gift Shop.  I’ll take pictures of some of it as I have time.

I mainly setup this site for people who like the whiskey to comment.  More later.

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13 Responses to The 2012 batch is out

  1. timothy bachran says:

    I was given a bottle as a present 2 years ago . It was the smoothest Bottled in Proof I have ever tasted, and I have tried a few. Thanks.

  2. Gary Ten Hoven says:

    how can I get a bottle of GEORGE T. STAGG in Streamwood Il.

  3. frank says:

    Are there stores in Minnesota to find it???

  4. Micahel Muntean says:

    I live in Illinois and going back about 4-5 years GT Stagg was readily available and about $75 a bottle. As of the last 2 years it is near impossible to find and the last bottle I saw was $95. Can someone let me know how can get some as there is none anywhere??? Most places don’t even carry Stagg, the only place here that you have any chance of getting it is Binny;s.

    I mean it is absolutely ridiculous that I cannot find it anywhere. Please some help as I have not had any in a few years now and I do miss it so.


    • admin says:

      It is in short supply everywhere. Best way to get it is to get on the list of a liquor store that gets an allotment. Have them call you ahead of the delivery, so you know when it will be there. As I mentioned in another post, I make arrangements through a local liquor store in Frankfort to take delivery for me as the distillery cannot sell it directly to me. My sister receives hers in Colorado and the liquor store extracts several cases from her allotment as the price of providing the services. The bottles they get are gone within minutes. This year, there were 400 people in line for less than 100 bottles. Same in Atlanta. A friend called me and had been standing in line for two hours and didn’t get a bottle. Wanted to know if I would sell him one of mine. I’m thinking about it. I give bottles away every year. I always give the owner of Keene’s Steakhouse a couple of bottles when I am in New York. They have every whiskey known to mankind and some of the most knowledgeable bartenders around. So, you can almost always get a shot at the bar at Keene’s.

  5. Alvin Curtis says:

    The George T. Stagg bourbon stands alone. In the past five years I’ve gotten into the better whiskeys. I’ve purchased and drank a lot of expensive bottles including three of the Pappy Van Winkle 23’s. I don’t save it or collect it. I buy it to enjoy as it was intended. The Thomas Handy Sazerac is another great choice. I like it better than the Pappy 23. It’s actually my second place choice of the better borbons. The list of expensive bourbons I’ve bought and drank is extensive so my opinion is based on experience. I was only able to get one bottle of the George T. Stagg last year. I had a shop in Hilton Head Island hold it for me and sent a family member from Savannah, Georgia go to get it for me. I visit Savannah about twice a year so I knew I’d have it soon. It was well worth the effort. I’d like to secure about 12 bottles this year. Don’t know how I’m going to pull that off but I’m sure going to try. I live in Michigan and it seems that the alotments here are very small and are gone within a very short time of arriving.


    I’ll stop rattling on now and say thanks to all of you that are responsible for making this PERFECT bourbon available. I’m looking very forward to my next bottle!

    • admin says:

      Pappy has wheat as a primary grain and is drawn fro the same barrel stock as Weller. That may be why you prefer the Thomas Handy to the Pappy. It is a corn whiskey like just about every other whiskey bottled at Buffalo Trace. I honestly do not like wheated whiskies, but many people do. I suspect the Pappy will be in short supply this year after the big heist at the distillery the other day.

  6. Jack Bershad says:

    When and where will I obtain six bottles from the 2013 batch?

    I am thirsty for what is certainly the best ever.

    • admin says:

      The 2013 batch is in very short supply. I’m going to pick mine up next week. I hear that the evaporation was particularly bad in this years barrels — up to a 75% loss and I also hear the proof is lower than earlier years. We’ll see. I will let you know how it tastes when I get my hands on it.

  7. Mike says:

    For the 3rd year in a row I was advised by several stores Stagg was not released again to Michigan. Thanks a lot! The secondary market is too expensive

    • admin says:

      I heard the supply this year was especially short. The evaporation in the barrels was far more significant than expected. The angels cut….

  8. Gerard says:

    I was able to purchase a couple bottles of Stagg Jr. a few months ago, George T Stagg Sr. was no available, pretty awesome as well especially for $45. Stagg is undoubtably the best spirit in the World!!

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